Welcome to the MARILOU STUDIO offices

Marilou Studio is a brand of sewing patterns for beginners explained in video tutorials . For you to better understand who is behind our brand, we present the team to you!

The stylist

A little mannered and snobbish, she spends her winters in Courchevel and her summers in Ibiza. She imagines all the models thanks to her sharp eye on the world of fashion.

marilou studio stylist

The model maker

Based on the stylist's ideas, she creates the patterns so that they fit all body types. The ruler and the pencil are his best friends. She knows the specificities of each type of garment.

The product manager

The product manager works hand in hand with the stylist. She is in charge of the figure part of a collection and the analysis of sales. Very well trained, she worked for a year as an assistant product manager alongside an incredible manager.

marilou studio product manager


Fresh out of business school, she handles social networks like no one else. Always available for a beer after work.

marilou marketing studio

The sewer

She trained with Youtube videos so we're not always sure what she does. She tests all the brand's models.

marilou couture studio


Cumbersome and a bit maniacal, she always checks that everything is calculated. She lives alone with her cat in the Paris region because Parisians "are just idiots".

marilou studio accounting

You will have understood it, like any entrepreneur I have a lot of hats but as Léna Situation s would say: "it's work but it's kiff".

Marion Louisa , the founder of MARILOU STUDIO

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