Collection: Ready-to-sew kits

Here at Marilou Studio, we offer a range of ready-to-sew kits, making it easy for even the newest sewers to start their journey in the world of sewing. Our kits include all the materials you need to complete your project, and our clear and concise tutorials make it simple for even the most beginner sewers to get started. With a French touch and focus on quality, our ready-to-sew kits are the perfect way to get started on your sewing journey.

  • Ease of use

    All necessary hardware is included, so there's no extra stress for you. Just open the kit and follow the tutorial to get started.

  • Guaranteed quality material

    We select the best suppliers to ensure the quality of the material provided in our kits.

  • Support

    In addition to the video tutorial, we are also available to help you if needed.

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