Choosing your first sewing machine


Which sewing machine to choose when starting out? What first sewing machine to buy when you are a beginner in sewing? What brand of sewing machine should I buy? These questions come up very regularly when you are a beginner in sewing. Here are some tips for getting started.

To start sewing and sew your first pieces, we advise you to choose a machine from very recognized and old brands: the Brother or Singer sewing machine. These are brands that make good sewing machines and have entry-level models that are perfect for beginners. No need to break the bank, a machine around 100€ is more than enough for leisure use!

A. Brother sewing machines

At the BROTHER brand, we recommend these models which are affordable and functional: the BROTHER KE14S , BROTHER J14S or the BROTHER X14S , BROTHER J17S .

sewing machine choose beginner

beginner sewing machine

2. SINGER sewing machines

In the SINGER brand, the perfect sewing machines for beginners are: Singer M1605

singer sewing machine

3. The SILVERCREST sewing machine from Lidl

Very affordable, the FAMOUS LIDL sewing machine is appreciated by beginners, although some complain about the difficulty in adjusting the threads. If you want to invest in the LIDL machine, you have to watch for its next release date because it is SOLD OUT everywhere...

Once your first machine arrives, there are no more only to learn how to use it to can make your first pieces !!!

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Merci pour tes vidéos rassurantes. Je maîtrise parfaitement le tricot et me suis mise au crochet durant le covid, que j’ai vite appris. Maintenant, place à la couture !!

Laurence Bachelard

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