How to properly store your sewing pattern


MARILOU STUDIO sewing patterns for beginners are printed on sheets of paper. The goal in making your own clothes is partly to buy less but buy better. With this in mind, here are some tips for keeping your sewing patterns well so you can reuse them.

1. Cut the right size cleanly

Before cutting out your coulter pattern, start by taking your measurements. You can find tips on how to choose the right size sewing pattern here . Then, take your time to neatly cut out each piece.

how to cut a sewing pattern

If you ever want to make your model in several different sizes, one solution is to trace the different sizes on your sewing pattern. How to trace a sewing pattern? Quite simply, you take your tracing paper and trace the sizes you need.

2. Number and organize the parts

I advise you to number your pattern pieces and mark the name of the pattern to which they belong on the back so that you can easily find them later. This way, you can re-count them and check that you have everything when you come back to them.

beginner sewing pattern piece

3. Protect your sewing pattern

To properly protect your sewing pattern, I'm going to share a little homemade trick with you: laminate them. Yes, like your college books! To do this, you just need to get some adhesive book cover film and wrap each piece. It's a bit tedious but it works every time!

beginner sewing patterns

4. Put away your sewing pattern

Once all the pattern pieces are protected, you can collect them with a paperclip. To store them, I recommend a large drawing pouch, like art students.

drawing pouch

If you want to learn how to use your boss, follow the guide !

Marion Louisa, founder of MARILOU STUDIO.

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