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Marilou Studio is a Parisian brand whose aim is to dust off the world of couture. We imagine modern sewing patterns to allow beginners to get started easily.

Meet the Founder, Marion Louisa

After a Master's degree in Digital Marketing, Marion Louisa began working in the fashion and luxury industry. She then discovers her failings (destruction of the environment, modern slavery, etc.) and seeks alternatives to consume differently.

During confinement, she learned to sew on her own. She notices that sewing supports are difficult for beginners to understand. She can't find patterns to her liking and hardly dares to go into the fabric shops.

Marion Louisa then created Marilou Studio: easily accessible patterns and ready-to-sew kits so that everyone can discover the pleasure of sewing.

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“Our mission is to give you the keys to learn how to sew clothes you will be proud of"

Marion Louisa

  • Produce responsibly

    Patterns created in Paris and printed in the South of France, sent in eco-responsible packaging.

  • consume better

    Propose a solution to consume less but better.

  • Dust the seam

    Rejuvenate the middle of the seam.

The studio

It's in the 5th arrondissement of Paris that we work tirelessly to create easy-to-follow patterns, with detailed video tutorials.

We don't stop there: we also test each of our patterns in our workshop to guarantee you the best possible sewing experience.

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