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The Cache Coeur pattern is specially designed for beginners .

It will allow you to easily and quickly create your own piece with a professional finish .

It comes with step-by-step instructions and illustrations for easy measuring, as well as video explanations to walk you through every step of the sewing process.

Buy this pattern now to live a unique sewing experience and consume fashion differently!

This pattern model is registered and cannot be reused for commercial purposes under penalty of legal proceedings.


We only use existing fabrics for the kits. The fabrics are selected one by one by Marion Louisa. They are then cut and created to measure in the workshop.

All our patterns are imagined, created and tested in our workshops in Paris.

The patterns and envelopes are printed at a small printer in the South of France in Montpellier to guarantee optimal quality and responsible production .

We believe in responsible consumption, and it is for this reason that we emphasize quality rather than quantity .


The sizes available for our heart cover pattern range from 34 to 44.

This is one pattern for all sizes , which means that you can choose the size that suits you best by simply following the instructions to take your measurements.

Once you have determined your size, you can cut or trace the corresponding lines on your pattern.

Completion time

3 hours approximately.

To stay zen throughout your creation, we advise you to cut out the pattern and the fabric on the first day, then move on to sewing the next day.

Why sew

The goal of Marilou Studio is to offer a solution to have pieces made in beautiful materials without exploiting anyone.

Sewing is an ecological and economical alternative that preserves people and the planet.

Finally, sewing allows you to take time for yourself.

Return policy

We are confident in our product and offer a satisfaction guarantee for this pattern.

If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us via .

We are here to help you.

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The video tutorial

  • Ease of use

    All necessary hardware is included, so there's no extra stress for you. Just open the kit and follow the tutorial to get started.

  • Guaranteed quality material

    We select the best suppliers to ensure the quality of the material provided in our kits, so that you can concentrate on the sewing and not on the material problems.

  • An eco-responsible achievement

    Sewing one's clothes makes it possible to limit transport, the exploitation of workers and overconsumption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Clémence L.

Le Cache Coeur

Auriane Z.

Avec quelques modifications de longueur car je n’aime pas les hauts trop courts, il était parfait ^^

Aurelie S.
Parfait à tout point de vue

J'ai réalisé ce cache-cœur lorsque j'ai débuté la couture, et ça a été le premier patron que j'ai utilisé. J'ai été impressionnée par la simplicité et la rapidité pour réaliser ce cache-cœur. J'aime particulièrement la vidéo qui nous guide et nous montre CONCRÈTEMENT ce qu'il faut faire.

Le modèle du cache-cœur est tout simplement magnifique, en particulier la forme des manches qui ajoute une touche d'élégance.
Et lorsque je sors dehors avec mon cache-cœur, je suis extrêmement fière de dire que je l'ai fait moi-même, les gens sont même impressionnés.

J'ai également acheté la robe et la jupe, et à chaque fois j'ai le même constat, rien à redire.

Trouver des patrons adaptés aux débutants peut être un vrai défi. Beaucoup de modèles proposés sur le marché sont démodés ou les prétendus patrons pour débutants sont en réalité difficiles à comprendre avec leurs explications vagues et trop de termes techniques. Cependant, la marque Mariloustudio est tout l’inverse. Chaque terme technique est expliqué de manière détaillée et simplifiée, ce qui est un vrai soulagement pour les novices.

Alors je vous conseille les yeux fermés cette marque de patron, et je continuerai à acheter ici.

lindsay m.

Nickel 👌

Emma D.
Mon premier patron, une réussite !

J’ai été convaincue par ce premier patron, très accessible aux débutants et accompagné d’une vidéo très bien faite.
Le seul bémol est à mon sens l’absence d’ un livret explicatif qui récapitulerait toutes les étapes à l’écrit, car j’ai été obligée de visionner la vidéo plusieurs fois pour parfois retrouver un petit détail…
Je suis très contente du résultat final et ai hâte de poursuivre avec le pantalon :D

It's to offer ?

Answers to your questions for a hassle-free sewing experience


What is a sewing pattern?

A sewing pattern is a pattern or blueprint for creating a garment or accessory.

It has detailed instructions on how to measure and cut the fabric, as well as how to stitch them together to achieve the final result.

Sewing patterns are used by seamstresses to make their own garment, using their own fabric and following the steps described in the pattern.

How are the patterns suitable for beginners?

Marilou Studio sewing patterns are beginner-friendly thanks to several factors.

1/ They are designed with a clear and simple vocabulary.

2/ The patterns come with a video tutorial that guides beginners step by step. This visual aid is very practical for beginners looking to understand the basic techniques.

3/ To answer all questions, a Facebook group is also available. Members can ask questions, share their creations and receive advice.

4/ Seam allowances are included in Marilou Studio sewing patterns. This means beginners don't have to measure and add those margins themselves.

5/ The patterns are created on paper that is easy to handle and cut.

6/ Each pattern is tested to guarantee its quality and simplicity for beginners.

In short, Marilou Studio has put everything in place so that beginners can learn to sew in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible.

How to choose the right size ?

In Marilou Studio sewing patterns, all sizes are on the same pattern.

A size guide is included with each pattern to make it easier for the beginning sewer to determine the right size.

This guide is accompanied by detailed illustrations that explain how to measure the different parts of the body to find the right size.

Once the measurements have been taken, simply cut out or trace the pattern on the line corresponding to the determined size to start sewing.

How do I use the sewing patterns once I have purchased them?

Just unfold it and scan the QR code to access the video tutorial that explains all the sewing steps step by step.

Each pattern includes a detachable shopping list to help you find the fabric and haberdashery needed to complete the project.

If you prefer, you can also order a ready-to-sew kit from the site, which includes all the materials needed to sew the pattern.

How to choose the right fabric for each project?

To help you choose the right type of fabric, each sewing pattern indicates the type of fabric to favor for the realization of the project.

The ready-to-sew kits are also designed to include the ideal material for each pattern.

Finally, a video is available to guide you in choosing your fabrics.

How can I get help if I have problems using the patterns?

If you have any problems using the Marilou Studio sewing patterns, you can receive help in several ways.

First, you can join our Facebook group where you can ask your questions and interact with other beginner sewers.

Additionally, you can email us at to receive more personal assistance.

You can also contact us on our Instagram @mariloustudio where you can message us directly.

Is it possible to buy complete kits, including the patterns and the material needed to make them?

Yes, it is possible to buy complete kits at Marilou Studio.

These ready-to-sew kits include the sewing pattern as well as all the necessary materials for the realization of the project, such as buttons, zippers, etc.

The fabrics used in the kits come from dormant stocks and are cut to measure in our workshops, which guarantees impeccable quality.

With a ready-to-sew kit, you have everything you need to complete your project without having to worry about finding materials.

Can I return or exchange the patterns if I'm not satisfied with them?

We are confident in our product and offer a satisfaction guarantee for this pattern.

If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us via .

We are here to help you.